Private Golf Courses in California Central Coast

California Central Coast has multiple private country clubs between Santa Barbara, Montecito, and Santa Cruz. See all the clubs below or select a specific location.

Golfing at private country clubs along the Central California coast offers a unique and prestigious experience, blending the natural beauty of the Pacific shoreline with meticulously designed courses. We define this region as the coastal area between Oxnard and Santa Cruz. This stretch of coast massive, spanning about 300 miles of coastline and it's renowned for its breathtaking views, with courses that wind along cliffs, offering panoramic views of the ocean, and challenging layouts that incorporate the natural topography and coastal winds. Clubs in this region, such as the renowned Pebble Beach (not private, but fun to talk about) near Santa Cruz, are not just about golf but also about providing a luxurious escape, with amenities that include state-of-the-art practice facilities, gourmet dining, and exclusive member events. The climate is ideal for golfing year-round, with mild temperatures and sunny skies being the norm. Golfers here can enjoy the serenity of secluded fairways, the challenge of championship-caliber greens, and the unparalleled beauty of the California coast, making it a coveted destination for golf enthusiasts seeking both leisure and luxury.

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Other Locations Outside California Central Coast with Private Golf Courses

Looking outside of California Central Coast? There are hundreds of additional private country clubs outside in California.