Private Golf Courses in Coachella Valley

Coachella Valley has multiple private country clubs between La Quinta, Palm Springs, and Desert Springs. See all the clubs below or select a specific location.

Golfing in the Coachella Valley is an unparalleled experience that combines the natural beauty of the California desert with world-class golfing facilities. This region, nestled between the scenic San Jacinto and Santa Rosa mountain ranges, provides a stunning backdrop for more than 120 golf courses, 45 of which are private. This makes it one of the most popular golf destinations in the United States, and includes country clubs in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and private golf clubs in La Quinta, and Rancho Mirage.

The Coachella Valley is home to arguably the best palm tree coated, desert vibe country clubs in the country, with a myriad of private courses to suit different tastes and budgets. GoPrivateGolf divides the county into four areas: Private golf courses in Palm Springs, home to the city of Palm Springs and it's out skirting areas like Rancho Mirage. Country clubs in La Quinta, which includes the notorious PGA West Private Clubhouse & Golf Courses all the way down to Thermal, CA. Country clubs in Palm Desert, And Indian Wells, which because of the placement of private clubs, includes all the clubs east of Palm Desert.

Private golf courses in the Coachella Valley elevate the golfing experience with exclusivity, luxury amenities, and meticulously designed courses that are often the work of famous architects in the golf world. These private courses and clubs not only offer some of the best golfing experiences in the Coachella Valley but also foster a sense of community and exclusivity among their members. They stand out not just for their exceptional golfing facilities but also for the lifestyle and prestige they offer, making them sought-after destinations for golf enthusiasts looking for a premium experience.

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Other Locations Outside Coachella Valley with Private Golf Courses

Looking outside of Coachella Valley? There are hundreds of additional private country clubs outside in California.